Portfolio Interview

Preparing for the portfolio interview

To prepare for my portfolio interview, I have to pull together 3-5 pieces of work that I have been working on in the last year. They can be completed or work in progress pieces. I want to show a breadth of work to include my areas of interest, like web design and my interest in UX design, whilst also showing my illustrative and creative practices.

I currently work in the web design industry but don't want this to pigeonhole my portfolio away from other artistic endeavours.

The projects I have picked are ones that I feel comfortable talking about as they are of my work within the company as well as work from my personal time.

My interviewer is Richard Pay, the head of creative from Continuous | Uniform. I am interested in talking to him about working in a larger scale business and his areas of interest. He has a Linkedin profile and an Instagram feed displaying work.

Web Build

I have included this project to showcase practical ability in the web design sector and the underpinning of user experience design that has been incorporated through the wireframing process. Whilst I am not convinced by showcasing a website via a small screenshot at the moment, it is the cleanest way to display it. I have a post that discusses the process of the project here.

Two and a Half

I wanted to present a project that's origins were not digitally based for my exploration of resource creation via non-traditional means that could be applied to the web industry. I have a blog around the full project experience here. I want to discuss the process and its possible application as design elements if I take the project further. Whilst I want to explore, I also want to make sure that I display appropriate web design practices for accessibility and general web usage.


Logo Generation

As part of my job, logo design and brand realisation are part of my web design work. I want to use this project talking through collaboration with the client and how the logo design then impacted the web design elements. Whilst I don't think I could display over 40+ logo design iterations in my 10-minute segment, I want to use the ones the client had seen and formed conversation around. I want to create a mood board style to display the ideation phase, as it is generally rougher than the final display. I have a post talking about the full scope of designing the logo here


The 'This' Project

As a work in progress, I am hesitant to add this project to the portfolio; however, I am incredibly immersed in creating these illustrative colouring books. They are more out of my realm than web design; however, they represent my interest in a wider design world than just the web design sphere. As this is a WIP, some of the final imagery isn't exact, has changed drastically throughout the project, and may still change more. The layout for display may evolve in the future.