Closing Statement

The university journey is coming to a close. I’ve spent the majority of my degree in a worldwide pandemic, which has given me a resilience I would not have otherwise. I’ve had to manage the space and materials I have had in a unique way. With the third and most difficult year coming to a close, I am reflecting on my journey this year and where I want to go next. First off, my writing skills have truly been put to the test with a dissertation alongside the creative and professional practice modules. I have gained a new love of research and writing whilst creating my dissertation that I have come to appreciate. It has pushed my boundaries and built confidence in my ability to communicate information that I find interesting, and I find I am no longer as scared to write as I once was.

This year has taught me that I need and want to be freer with my exploration and creation in design. My job and my creative practice have had a divide over the years that has slowly come back together with this concept of freedom. Another thing I have learnt is that I like assisting with idea generation in design and technical aspects collaboratively over the creation of designs themselves at times. 

In my opening statement, I talk about my future plan. They haven’t fundamentally changed. At the moment, just the timeline has. I want to take time away from education for at least a few years as I want to spend more time in my new role at my workplace, and I also want to take the time abroad and gain some new experiences. I have begun to update my networks and use social media accounts to upload my designs and other art I have been doing. UX design is still something I am interested in, so I will be taking an online course to teach those skills for the time being.

I also looked at my short-term development plan for the second year creative industry module and have found I have at least started to hit some of my goals already. Having the career journal in place has given me a great sense of accomplishment when coming back to look at it almost a year later.