Web Build

This project is a full-scale web build starting from the user research stage to wireframing and finally the full website development. This was a project of a business moving entirely online after no previous web presence during the pandemic. The branding already existed, so no work had to be done there.

First stage

Personas were created, and user journeys had to be considered. The research phase had to look at product/service best practices and engagement of the chosen demographic.

First and foremost, the design and journey had to appeal to the wedding party, big corporate events, baby showers and parties. These are key areas for this particular florist. Due to location, the research showed that luxury and high-end style would be most important when coming to aesthetics.

The site map was decided upon with the caveat that more may be added depending on growth.

Home page wireframe


First iterations of the wireframes were created in order of important land makes for clients to hit. The most important page is the home page. It had to correctly funnel the user to the appropriate pages.

Given that the logo was of a large squarish shape, it was felt that putting it in a single clean column allowed all the delicate details in the logo to be seen. Another reason was to allow for a stacked layout that would not inhibit the menu as the navigation was quite large. A top bar was later added in the design phase so that contact details could be placed neatly out of the way but still visible.

The content segments first needed a hard-hitting introductory segment to reassure the user that they are in the right place, followed by a large unobstructed image of flowers either from the florist or in a style they offer to showcase for the correct client.

You need a little space for trust to build between seller and client. A way to do this is with the about section, which gives more personality and allows the business to stand out. This is why it was placed next, followed by a trust bar that showcases brands, businesses and venues that use this company.

Service sections follow that are signposting the different events to speed up the user journey to get them where they want to be. In between is another trust element in the form of a testimonial then a larger service segment that targets individual products to entice the user.

Standard footer with newsletter sign-up, Instagram feed (appropriate for this business) and the main footer with about, contact, social media and site nav links.

The rest of the wireframes

The rest of the layouts were fairly industry standard with more of a leaning to have images on the site given the nature of the business. Key features included are trust elements like the supplier bar and testimonials. Service and event pages have CTAs for the frequently asked questions section and a send a message CTA.

Final Look

The final display of the responsive version of the site shows how the site stacks on multiple device sizes for case study purposes and client presentations. Colour was important for the design section; the original branding had soft pinks and greys incorporated throughout the images, buttons and backgrounds. The font used was Cormorant Garamond and Antic, as they made for a nice clean pairing that complemented each other. Cormorant Garamond added some flourish to the headings as it had a similar style to the logo typeface. The headings were also in the darker pinks to stand out and increase legibility. The body text was a soft grey that was still legible but easier on the eye than a darker grey would have been.

The responsive design of the site

A small screenshot of the live site below

Home page screenshot

The full site can be found at: https://bloomingfabulousflowers.co.uk/