Tony Hayes Lecture

Mr Hayes was the first of three guest lecturers on this particular day. He is a photographer. Here is a link to his website and his AA2A profile. He spoke at length about how we as practitioners need to be open with our skills and mindset. That we might not work in the sector that we expect to begin with, but if we keep an open mind that we can always find transferable skills. He also made a point to emphasise the importance of being on top of things when unexpected events happen, like lockdowns, as a freelancer.

Behaving and looking appropriate is important, especially when trying to get yourself exhibited.

Another point I took from the lecture is about making sure to build networks and contacts. You never know when they will come in handy.

Something he said resonated with me as I realised how true it was.

70% of success is turning up

Putting the effort in is important. As is having the right mindset when opportunities arise.

Whilst researching Mr Hayes, I came across this piece of work on his AA2A profile. The relationship between photography, still life and fine art can really be seen here. The attention to detail, colour and composition make for a beautiful image.

Image source Tony Hayes
AD7005 Shoot 2 – Tony Hayes

My thoughts:

His lecture gave some applicable points to my practice. Building skills is the major one, even ones that might not have relevance at the time.

My last thoughts on his lecture are to remember how current my knowledge is, that I have to keep up to date and continuously build on my skillset.