Mildred – Film Poster

Left to Right:1.Thriller, 2.Horror, 3.Musical, 4.Crime/Drama, 5.Sci-Fi, 6.Documentary, 7.Musical, 8.Crime/Drama, 9.Sci Fi

Mildred was a university project the required me to create a fictional film poster with the title Mildred. We had to respond to the name with no background information. We were asked to explore multiple genres before narrowing it down to our final choice.

So to the left is a series of rough illustrations looking at different genres in the film industry.

After much deliberation, I chose Horror because I liked the atmosphere that the test illustration created. I felt this genre also allowed for more exploration that was a bit more outside the box after I had mind mapped a few options.

Final Piece…Or is it?

Here is where I initially stopped as I thought I was at the final piece. I liked the typeface that I used and the colours, but after some contemplation, something was missing, and I couldn’t work out exactly what it was.

Finally, I worked out that I lacked some depth and intrigue in the background of the piece. I also noted that I could play with the title a bit more to really tie it together

The Final Piece

As the project drew to a close, I started playing around with the colour tones on the poster and adding extra bits of text to flesh out the sign to fit more as a “movie” poster. Which is when the final part really came to play. I left the poster on the floor by a chair with a jacket on it by happenstance. This created a silhouette on the poster, which happened to look like a person standing in the background. It made the atmosphere and eerieness that my previous creation was missing and really completed the piece.