Marketing Materials

An existing client needed signs designed for their beauty salon. I was already working on a project creating art pieces for their salon space, and one of the iterations, as seen below, inspired the direction for the new signs.


For the signage, I needed to create multiple designs for:

  • Sidewall sign
  • Windowpane sign
  • Door sign (Glass)
  • Fascia about the door and window
  • Fluted plastic signs for signposting on the high street
  • Pavement sign panel (Double-sided) 2-3 designs required

I received all the approximations for the sizes needed and started playing around with the designs. Using the branding guidelines that had both the base, seasonal colours and typefaces set out, I started making the base design.

Pavement sign – Double-sided designs

With this design, I had to consider the fact that it would have two sides, so the designs had to be complementary to each other.

Front V1

Whilst I did make versions with a white background, I had to consider that this would be placed outside in all weather and could look quite messy if it got dirty which is why I moved away from using this version.

Front V2

This was an attempt to lessen the white area while keeping the layout similar to the previous attempt. The roses overlayed the rectangle, nice large text, and a white logo.

Back V1

This was the first iteration for the back of the sign. Playing around with the content and logo placement, I wanted a bright red to contrast the front if it was lighter in colour. The body content may be too thin on this version and might not be as legible from a distance.

Back V2

Having a background that closely mimics one of the art pieces being made for the salon, rose background with white text overlayed, played between having a line art rose as well.

Final Versions

These are the three versions that the client and I agreed upon. This would inspire the style of the rest of the signs going forwards. The first option is a merge between front v1 and v2; by combining the approach, I ended up with an interesting concept that the client wanted to go ahead with that guided the other signs for uniformity. In the future, they may want to have seasonal signs instead, so the colour palette and imagery may be updated to fit.

Sidewall Sign

As the pavement sign had decided the general layout, this was more about experimenting with the colour variations the sign could have. The client chose the brown version at the end as they liked its contrast with the red logo. Also, the white text stood out nicely on the brown.

Upper Fascia

This is one of the only designs that hasn’t quite been chosen to use yet. Four versions are not too far off the original fascia they have outside the shop. However, the logo has been put back together for brand clarity as on the current sign. It’s been spliced in order to fit the narrow space. The incorporation of red is to lead the eye to the contact info and at an angle to lead towards the logo.

Glass Door Sign

These are simple signs for the front door to inform clients if the door is locked and they need to contact the owners to enter. There was back and forth around what content was needed and the minimalist approach, which is why the second version was chosen in the end. Not only did it nicely match the other signs chosen, it also had all the relevant information. To be made on board/plastic or vinyl.

Window sign

These are versions of partial privacy screens to go inside the window. The bottom two versions are the current contenders but waiting on advice from the specialist who will be printing the signs. The opacity will provide enough privacy for any in the waiting area without taking too much light. This is why white was chosen and not red or brown, as the concern of cutting out the natural light would be an issue.

Fluted Plastic sign

These signs are intended to be on the high street as some clients struggle to find the salon via google maps. Clear and concise with no extraneous information that would distract the customer. The client chose the third option on the page but would like the first option to be used for other marketing materials in the future, like the price list or leaflets etc.

I really enjoyed this project as it gave me a lot of food for thought. I was able to experiment with both areas of creating, from my original paintings to converting them into this style. It presented me with a new challenge as I had never needed to create this many designs for different shapes, sizes and contents.

Images of the signage in place will be uploaded once the clients have gone ahead with the printer.