MA and Postgraduate Study

21st of January 2020

MA Fine Art

Maxine Bristow introduced the topic MA Fine Art.

She spoke on the fact the course welcomes any and all and provides higher level qualification.

Autonomy, confidence and creative maturity


The running dates are Oct – June Oct – Nov

More information can be found here:

MA Design

Alan Summers gave his lecture around the MA design course that he leads. He has a really interesting discussion about why you might choose to do a master’s. That it may be because you haven’t entirely found your area of design, that you still want to learn, or that you need the qualification. A 2:1 is the previous qualification you need to get on the course. That can be a little more flexible.

From my research and his talk, the skills needed for the course are:

  • Time management skills
  • A passion for design and motivation.
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Some knowledge of industry tools and an analytical process
  • Communication and collaboration skills

The course is around 1 year long if completed full time and anywhere between 2 to 6 years for part time.

Research, development and collaboration are a big part of the master’s and being open to ideas and pathways are important.

I have researched this course previously due to my interest in the qualification. Any other information can be found here.

Art Therapy MA

Melissa King discussed the Art Therapy MA – talking about the overview for the course – which has a 2-year long duration.

She talked about what Art therapy covers and what type of placements you can get jobs in.

First-year is the theoretical underpinning by talking through theories and then bringing the theories to life by showing real-life concepts, followed by placement.

Self-awareness is important within this course. Students must practice art therapy themselves for a deeper understanding of any trauma that may impact their process and generally find themselves.

It isn’t a course to take lightly and is completely transformational. Workshops are undertaken.

To join the course, you need:

  • Maturity and self-awareness.
  • Undergrad in art and design.
  • Minimum of at least one year of work experience within a relevant care setting prior.
  • a current portfolio of art-making is needed. It needs to be art that reflects upon yourself or society
  • 500 word written piece around what art therapy is when submitting an application.
  • A successful occupational health check.

Diversity Festival workshop on the 10th of March

This was something I was previously interested in a few years ago. It was interesting to listen to the requirements and how the course is run.

She talked about her own experience and journey to art therapy.