Logo Generation

The client is in the education sector as a tutor on a 1-1 basis as well as for groups. She wanted to take her brand to the next level, expand her services and web presence. One huge part of her brand is that she merges well-being coaching with academic tutoring. The project consists of updating her logo and colour palette based on the target audiences and making a brand identity that could be used consistently across the marketing and online presences.

After talking over different colour choices, I was given an image of the client’s preferred colour palette and asked to utilise it. It consisted of peach, deep teal, coral and grey. Below is my exploration of the name and colour whilst also testing fonts. This was just a playground of ideas beforehand, picking the ones that felt most appropriate to work with that would suit all the needed usage.

Final Eight

After the first round of ideas, these are the ones that I ended up going forward with. Each of these has its strengths and weak points. I will be noting down some of my thoughts.

  • I really like the call out of Be You within the company’s name. It aligns with the business’s goals of teaching well-being to young people during their growth. The dark teal version. It stands out more. However, it feels more masculine, which might not fit.
  • I played with having shapes over and under the name to tie back to the educational element of the company. I think the circles were more successful as the three different shapes make the brand feel a little too childish for the target demographic.
  • The grey wording with icons to the left could work, but I feel the visibility of the icons on the background doesn’t quite work. I like the mixture of a lighter font with a heavier font that is sans serif. I think that san serif is the best typeface option for this business.
  • In combination with the circles and icons, the idea was that maybe each icon and colour could represent values or goals for anyone using the service. The icons and circles by themselves could also be a watermark for marketing endeavours.
  • The last logo on the right is my favourite font of the lot, which is shared with a few other designs. I think the thick, straight lines of the type have clarity and presence. I think the combination of the B and Y is interesting. I am not sure it works 100% for this project. Another point is that it does look like the South African flag

The Final Choice

The final version was chosen after sending the options for outside opinions and to the client. I had to do very little tweaking to the design as the client was generally happy with it, so I took the time to look at other display versions, as seen below, for other marketing efforts. Different usage like for social media, watermarks, on print materials etc.

Each icon did end up being tied to a meaning, as previously mentioned. A little side graphic was created for general usage because of this. It became a really nice way of showcasing goals and values both for the business and customers working with the business.