Jodie Gibson Lecture

Jodie Gibson was the final of three guest lecturers on this particular day. She is an Artist & Creative Producer. Her website can be found here, and her AA2A profile talks about her experience. She started her segment by agreeing with the previous commentary made by the other guest lecturers, particularly on building connections and networking.

Originally she started in performance-based creative practices and worked several part-time jobs within the art sector. She became a freelancer 2-3 years ago, and her goals are to work locally. She wanted to change her approach from generating work indoors to outdoors as her values were becoming detached.


She also emphasises the fact that something can be gained from ANY job you do, even if it feels like it isn’t connected to the path you want to go down.

She spoke about her own practice in that she prefers to collaborate and make teams that create the work. From there, she takes a managerial role directing the creative flow to produce the final outcome.

Spend time with people outside of your area of expertise and learn and have flourishing conversations with them.

Skills are important, even those we consider not relevant and bringing a diverse skill set can set you above the rest. She points out that you should be the only person to be able to do the job.

I took away this quote from her lecture:

Different hats, be willing to change them

The importance of being flexible was really hammered home in this lecture. She pointed out that confidence comes from doing regardless of if it’s a failure or a success.

And lastly, she left us this note, always keep doing your practice, know why you’re doing what you’re doing and keep integrity.

Guest Research

As I was interested in learning more about this guest lecturer, I went and had a look at her site. I found that looking at Ms Gibsons’ logo, It is a nice clean logo in a flat black which isn’t too niche. It doesn’t pigeonhole her into a specific realm of the creative industry and insinuates the collaborative nature of what she does with the addition of the word “Insights.” Whilst looking around her website, I found her about page, which was fairly interesting. She explains her own definitions of being an adventurer, detective, fire-starter and goodwill warrior that are inspiring.

My thoughts

The skills she notes across the lecture as important are:

  • Versatility
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Being flexible
  • Being on time
  • Having good management skills
  • Paying attention
  • Collaborate

I would agree that all these skills are very important in general as well as for my current career path, and I think they are super transferable as well if I were to change careers.