Jenni Greenwood

Friday 29th October – Interior Designer

Studied Fine Art at Chester University in 2009, got a job as a sample girl in an interior design company and then learnt skills that confirmed that she wanted to work towards being an interior designer.

Her mood boards are a good way of planning out projects, both physical and digital. Good to learn both ways to work – utilise for clients?

Important to move with the times while keeping clients’ preferences in mind; if they aren’t tech-savvy, approach from a non-digital angle.

The skills she utilises’ are being creative and passionate. She learnt electrical layouts on the job and more technical details that she hadn’t learnt on the fine art track. Learning skills outside her remit in order to save time and money (Me learning more coding even though I am not a developer)

Using social media like LinkedIn in order to keep up to date now, she was recruited via LinkedIn. Showing how important it is for you to be on these platforms for opportunities.

Be aware that the knowledge that you have in one country may not be useful in others.

Using recruiters and contacts to find a new job, she got the job as the lead interior designer for a job that took 6 years in Mayfair, London. Got to make contact with some of the best in their fields and constantly learn on the job.

This job made her interested in Interior architecture and its technical aspects. Good note, don’t be scared to find your area of interest and allow yourself to niche if it’s what you want to.

Being flexible is important. Also, she talks about her own boundaries with clients, that she feels that her job is a life vocation and that she should be accessible to clients at all times. This fits her role; what I am taking away is to establish the boundaries that I am happy within my career.

The pandemic caused her to re-adjust her goals and start her own business Greenwood Interior Design. Her new move tested her resolve in managing budgets, clients and time frames. Proposals should consider the level of involvement that you have.

A good designer doesn’t have a specific look or feel but adapts, is cohesive and adjusts with the client.

Jenni Greenwood

Getting to know the client is key, even things not related to the job you are doing.

Creative interest is more of a vocation, constantly looking for new jobs, being active, reach out. Face to face meetings is important.

My thoughts

I think establishing boundaries with clients is important. Adjust to the client if needs be, no one person is the same and levels of understanding differ so creating a good baseline for the best experience for a client is key. That’s why getting to know the client outside of their project is important as more information may come from places you may not even consider connected.