Graphic Design

This project was to create the landing page for a book release, In the process, I had to create the angled book graphic with the book cover attached. During the first phase of design, I had to work out what the best approach for a page header would be. The challenges I faced were that there was no logo or navigation as this is a one-page website. I also had to make sure that the book was at the top of the page as it needed to be the first thing visitors saw.

As this was for a book no previous branding existed to incorporate on the website, this was a two-sided coin, it allowed for a lot of creative freedom, the other side is that it would take a lot longer to come up with the most fitting idea.

First of all, I experimented with a simple layout with clean coloured backgrounds. This would allow for maximum legibility for any text that I would end up using. The colour inspiration came from the authors business card, it incorporated: purple, green, yellow, orange, reds, light pink and black. Out of the seven colours I chose the ones that I felt were not going to clash with the book cover. My other reason for choosing these specific colours was I felt the text would be legible.

Light pink:

I liked the tone, legibility was good on a larger scale, however, it didn’t give off the right sort of narrative given the topic of the book. It ended up too soft and feminine for the subject matter, the text on smaller sizes also got lost. Which made me discount it.

Deep Purple:

This was a really strong contrasting colour especially with the book cover in place, the text was nice and clear but the shade meant that no other colour could be added without clashing and left the header a bit bland and uninteresting.


The shade matched with the book cover tying it in nicely and the space really seemed to pop, the legibility was fine. In the end, the red felt way too overwhelming this time around and not dynamic enough.

So where did that leave me?

After a creative meeting to discuss options, it was suggested that we could add a landscape image behind though we would have to be very careful as the danger would be the text getting lost.

The idea would be to take direct inspiration from the book and its cover and find an image that was dark, had the mountains and lake incorporated.

This took some back and forth with the client as we wanted the image to be exactly what they envisioned.

The first image has an overlay to allow the text to be as legible as possible however too much of the mood of the image was lost in this case.

So, in the end, we used the second outcome. As a call back to the book cover I added yellow to the title this also had the effect of giving a pop of colour between all the darker tones. Added in two buttons under the blurb so visitors can purchase or find out more.