Commission for a Raffle

An existing client requested a piece to be created for a raffle giveaway during the Christmas period.

I was given creative freedom for this piece, so I took inspiration from a previous project, Two and a half, which I have written about here. I used geometric shapes in layers for this, hexagons being my choice of shape this time as I wanted something more complicated. I had hexagons that were filled and just outlines. I cut hexagons out on paper and used them to trace onto canvas. From there, I filled the sections with acrylic paint. I used a mixture of colours and metallic acrylic for the outlines, using the textures to crop off some of the outlines to give a bit of variation.

I found that I liked the concept and the general layout on canvas but thought that I could push the idea further by creating more of a 3D effect. I chose to try it out on a glass/acrylic piece that could be framed to create some depth. I used the original painting to trace the layout before going freehand and adding updates. After completing the piece, I also looked at playing with the border and different colour backgrounds to emphasise the breaking of the frame.

White BKG
Black BKG
The final version of the painting

Next time, I would get cleaner edges with artist tape and experiment with different colour palettes. Also, I would look into using different mediums on the glass instead of acrylic paint.

I received two further requests, one from a guest at the raffle event who wanted a piece made bespoke for a bedroom renovation and the other request for an exact or close replica of the original.

This has opened to the idea of finding other ways to create this piece, using print techniques like etching, screenprinting, inking, vinyl cutouts, and relief prints. This would ensure relative uniformity of pieces if I wanted to create the same variation with only colour changes.

Gallery of partial process and colour tests.