Clare Owens Lecture

Clare Owens was the second of three guest lecturers on this particular day. Clare Owens was a textiles teacher who changed her career path to teaching English through textiles and back to working with art again. Transferable skills were brought up in how important it is to keep learning and applying skills even in places you don’t realise.

She is part of the AA2A (art access to art colleges) initiative, which allows her access to institutions in order to continue her practice. Her profile can be found here:

An important skill she noted was that good communication is key. Building connections is important, and with that, your networks. She iterated on the importance of keeping up to date with your area, making sure you are aware of what is going on locally and if/how you can get involved.

She emphasised the fact that you should never underestimate where you can get work from and immerse yourself in experiences.

A quote I took from her lecture is:

Not fine art but fine to make art

Another note to take away is the line between money-making and practice. Credibility is important in our line of work.

Looking into Clare Owens, I was interested in the collaborative workshops she was involved in with the Storyhouse and found the Nest Project, which she taught. This was inspired by the changing colours of the leaves in autumn. I think this was a great way to engage the young community.

Image source: Storyhouse – The Nest – 2021

My thoughts

She talked about being involved and up to date with the local community, which is an important takeaway for me. As a general rule, I need to keep up to date with my local community and the design community so as not to miss new changes. Signing up for newsletters, joining societies, and some design-oriented networking groups would aid me in that endeavour.