Brian Griffin Lecture

Prolific photographer Brian Griffin was our guest lecturer, here is the link to his website. From Birmingham, he was originally a factory worker. He spoke to us about his new book Black Country Dada 1969 – 1990 and how he raised the money in order to write the book.

Worked in engineering, office job, in nuclear and had a gift for maths.

Was involved in the local camera club early on and continued from there. Was sick of the day-to-day.

He talked of his persistent nature, always looking for a job, and studied german expressionist film to inspire his practice. Talked about the people he had met throughout his life and the connections he made.

Spoke on some of his most successful pieces and how the opportunities arose.

He talked about making the most of any situation, and being confident to do things. Spoke on the nature of a changing world as an original analogue photographer and the adaptations that he had to make because of the changes.

The quote I took away from him was:

Influenced by all walks of life

This image of his work through the back of a black taxi resonates with me, The layout that has been used as well as the contrast, really makes for an inspirational piece.

My thoughts:

Things I took away were how he spoke of how you present and promote yourself, to be resourceful, flexible, keep learning skills as you never know which ones you will end up using, communication is key, be organised, precise, be personable, have good time management and always fulfil the brief.