Branding Project

The start of Sero Digital

Initially, the project’s scope was to rebrand an existing company, which was deciding between keeping the old name or creating a new one. The only thing staying was the brand colours as they were quite liked. This idea board has the colour palette included along with variations of names as it was a process going alongside. As a digital company, blues and greens were ideal with a contrasting colour as an accent. The icons are based on basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. Whilst being inspired by digital symbols like a cursor, loading screens, screensavers. One query was whether a look could be taken at flourishes with all the colours could be added.

Sero Digital Growth logo

Here are the final iterations of the logo with the first business name. With an almost featherlike flourish by the logo to draw the eye. A shorter version was also created for social icons and favicons.

New Idea for Sero Digital

After deciding to remove the word growth from the company name, it required some tweaking of the new logo concepts. Luckily we had a good starting point, and I was able to take parts from the first concept and build on it. Going back to the initial drawing board, one of the other favourites was the brand name next to the dots or the dots underneath. They softened the rigid text and made the logo look friendlier. Four of the original brand colours were pulled across that could signpost different areas of the business if needed. Again miniature versions of the logo for socials were created.


With the new logo came a rework of the company website. A slate colour was used for some backgrounds and headings as a nice neutral tone. The green, blue, teal and orange were peppered around the sites design elements like:

  • The button colours both on and off hover
  • Icons
  • Link highlights

A purple was introduced on some of the inner pages. It is still in the process of being tested to see whether it is suitable to run across the whole site for a pop.

Social media pages were also updated:




Twitter is undergoing changes

One final part of the project was just a bit of fun creating social media banners for the future: