Artist Inspiration – Scott Duffey

After having a lecture by Scott Duffey at Chester University, he mentioned the cafe that he opened with his wife. A classmate and I decided to take a visit to look at their work.

It was an amazing collection of creative work, and I was drawn to quite a few things. I ended up with stickers, pins and a medium-sized print.


Image source Deryn Smith from:

Photos of Toucan Tango Designs, Purchased at Sup Cafe

This inspired me to use a project that I had been working on and turn them into pins, making the backdrop its own scene that would complement the pin itself. I created digital mock-ups on Procreate.


First, I created a campfire pin in a mountain range. It was a simple concept as I wanted to test how it would work first of all. One thing I really like in all the outcomes is the logo placement. The style seemed to really fit with the pencil lines. After finishing the design, the first iterations had the backdrops on a white piece of paper.

I added texture to the card placeholder, which better suited the pencil line art. I used a gold outline for this pin mockup as I thought it would complement the existing colours on the pin. Lots of adjustments and tweaks were made in between for the mountain style, the land and spacing for the depth lines. This was a test to see whether I could create a semi realistic-looking mockup of pins using digital art before fleshing out a stronger idea.

Mushroom Pin

The mushroom pin was my attempt at trying a slightly more complex backdrop with different line thickness and generally busier than my previous attempt. I also played around with different outline colours for the pin in black and silver. Again my inspiration came from some existing projects merged together. This has an aesthetic that I like. To me, it has a bit more character and life. I can see where bits need work, and a bit of a re-jig is required for the layout.

The witchy aesthetic is one that I could really play with, both for the pins and the cards and the full background. Overall I am pleased with the outcome and intend to keep creating mockups closer to this style than the campfire one. An idea I have with this is to keep the window, table and hanging basket as the main consistent parts and then each of the items on the table can be switched out to be the pin.

So I will be making a glass bottle, skull, book and lavender pin, possibly with scope for more items to be added later.

Final Pair


I have added links to the shop itself as well as Scott Duffey’s site and another for Toucan Tango, which is the overarching business for printmaking.