Anthony Luvera

Friday 12th December 2021

Anthony Luvera is an Australian photographer that works with the community, one key group he has worked with is the homeless. He has spent 20 years working with individuals and communities from groups like Mental Health Conditions/Homeless/Addiction/LGBTQ+ with over 1000 pieces, including photos, film work, and audio recordings.

He is very socially engaged and works with topics that engage with social commentary. He talks about wanting to shake up preconceptions that exist. He teaches these communities key photography skills so they can work collaboratively alongside him.

He took a BA in photography course over in Australia, interested in studio work, fashion and editorial photography before he moved over in 1999 at 24. His first job in the UK was working in music PR. He felt that this was on the fringe of photography. He continued working on his practice in his free time and gained an opportunity to be at Crisis at Christmas around 2002. The first time around, he rejected the opportunity as he felt uneasy about getting involved as he was unsure of the implied power dynamic as a photographer in that space.

Between freelancing and networking, he gained a new opportunity to be involved with Crisis at Christmas by bringing in a project he got from a marketing job with Kodak, which provided a lot of disposable cameras and development coupons.

Professional development tips:

Set up email separate from your main to use for mailing lists and main organisations relevant to your practice.

Sign up to DASK – copywrite society.

Artist newsletter (AN)

Art Web

Arts council England – Arts Jobs- Arts News

My thoughts

The collaborative effort is important, and teaching skills to those you work with can go a long way. Keeping up to date with mailing lists and the community is a must.