Two and a half

This is an experimental project around the term two and a half. The idea is to take the word and create a design within a week. In my research, I played with the full term as well as the mathematical equal that would be 2.5

From this research, I became inspired by the fact that the Andromeda galaxy is around 2.5 million light-years away from Earth. This caused me to create planet/galaxy-inspired art. I originally started out with a very basic outline of planets and rings that were roughly hand-drawn and inspired by geometric art.

My plan was to start using traditional art practices to create the base piece of my design. I played with the layout and the concept of overlaying shapes whilst creating depth. After painting the shapes, I decided that I didn’t quite like the white background and wanted to add something to it. I chose to keep it simple by adding.

Multiple shades of blue to mimic space and flecks of white as stars and space matter. I felt that I could have a simple background and enhance or remove it if I converted to digital work later down the line.

I did choose to move ahead to creating and incorporating the work digitally. I wanted to explore two different approaches. The first was recreating the layout of the piece but making it minimalist fashion in illustrator. I started on just outlines again with flat colours on white and blue backgrounds. Moving on from there I added gradients that created a nice sense of depth. As a final experiment, I tried adding paint splatter using photoshop tools to recreate the starry effect.

The second option I had was to scan the painting and use photoshop to enhance the textures for an eye-catching effect. I really liked how the different opacity and layer effects impacted the mood of the image.

Both outcomes intrigued me in the end, and I took the opportunity to combine the two. Usage was something I was thinking of as I was creating the pieces. I wanted to play with creating digital resources for web design. I wanted to create something a little different from some of the more generic stock imagery that wouldn’t negatively impact a site’s performance. Sites I considered for this approach were educational websites, planetariums etc. I had to take into account that some of these types of sites might have design guidelines they have to follow. I mocked up a basic yet appropriate design for usage.

This is where the week’s deadline came up. Areas that I plan to explore further for this project would be how to incorporate the created images in the design further like:

  • Animating the image in some fashion
  • Different layout styles
  • Colour incorporation on a site
  • Creating design elements for the site like planets for bullet points