Opening Statement

My name is Robyn. I am a graphic designer working in web design. I’m currently in the third year of university at Chester. I originate from London. I have always been interested in creative practices. I’ve been working in the industry going on 10 years. The last 2 years of university have taught me new skills like:

  • A rudimentary understanding of motion design.
  • Introduction to new industry tools.
  • Printing processes
  • New ways of mixing media
  • Collaborative skills
  • Presentation skills

As well as building upon skills I already have, like my knowledge of current industry tools. One of the most important things that university has taught me so far is to have confidence in my skill set, which has let me be able to prove my capabilities in my job.

For my third year, my main focus will hopefully be on trying non-traditional means to create graphic design pieces. Using a mixture of media's and expanding on digital skills in order to create unique pieces of design work. In the last few months, I have created a long term plan. First and foremost, I want to improve my capabilities and knowledge that will assist with my current job. I’ll do this by taking on studies like coding and maybe some basic psychology courses.

I will also be building connections and networks as well as a social presence. I also plan to attend events that teach design practice this is to help keep up to date with changes in design. After I have finished my graphics degree, I will hopefully move on to a master's in design to build towards my goal of being a lecturer. I will most likely pause in education to concentrate on working in web design. I want to pursue a PhD in Design and a teaching qualification in the future.

Eventually, I want my area of expertise in web design to be in UX/UI design as well. As such would like to change my job title from Graphic designer to UX/UI Designer or Consultant. To help achieve this, I will be taking extra courses within these sectors. I want to keep practising creatively regardless of my job and explore outside of just my area of design and convert those skills when needed